Dr. Miranda Zapor Cruz

Faithful Politics

Coming August 20, 2024!

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Christians who seek to relate their faith to politics have always encountered tensions. Instead of easy answers and simple checklists, we need tools to help us thoughtfully navigate the complexities of Christian faithfulness in an increasingly diverse and polarized society.

In this book, Miranda Zapor Cruz guides readers in forming a vision of citizenship that brings Christian convictions into political engagement while avoiding common pitfalls. Cruz provides a measured, nonpartisan overview of different ways Christians have approached political participation. These ten views represent a range of theological approaches to the relationship between the kingdom of God and the country, including Anabaptist, social gospel, principled pluralist, and Christian nationalist. Cruz describes strengths and weaknesses of each view, with a focus on Christian faithfulness.

In the United States, Cruz argues, Christians who share very similar faith convictions can arrive at different political conclusions. There are, however, principles from Scripture and theology that should inform our thinking and remind us that our ultimate citizenship is in the kingdom of God. Faithful Politics helps us learn from Christians of the past as we discern how to be salt and light in our own time and place.

“The most comprehensive understanding of the role of the Christian believer in national politics from a biblical, theological, and historical perspective to date. A classic for generations. Research in Faithful Politics is extensive yet reads with ease. This is an essential book for leaders in all walks of life to have depth of understanding in public morals and social concerns impacting decision-making of the same.” – 

Jo Anne Lyon, general superintendent emerita of The Wesleyan Church

“In an era dominated by clickbait headlines and disingenuous proof texts, Cruz’s Faithful Politics is a breath of fresh air. This book is a trusty guide for any and all believers who are struggling to faithfully navigate the oft-bewildering and sometimes downright distressing landscape of American public life.” – 

Heath W. Carter, associate professor of American Christianity and director of PhD studies at Princeton Theological Seminary

“Do we really need another book on Christianity and politics? After reading Dr. Cruz’s Faithful Politics, my answer is a resounding yes! Drawing from theology, history, and political science, she has written a fresh, nuanced, and engaging guide to Christian political engagement for our polarized times. I particularly appreciate her clear and winsome voice as she helpfully analyzes and synthesizes various existing approaches. This is a book I wish I had written. I can’t wait to read it with my students and hear what they say about it.” – 

Chan Woong Shin, associate professor of political science and international affairs at Gordon College

“Dr. Cruz asks the timely question, How do we live faithfully as citizens in the kingdom of God while being engaged influencers in the political systems we also inhabit? Cruz describes several approaches and provides the historical context, theological implications, and main tenets of each, along with how that approach is practically lived into, the challenges of it, and the benefits. The emphasis of the book is to encourage thoughtful reflection and to offer practical ways we can engage with and in our political systems while being faithful to Christ’s calling. A must-read for all of us today!” – 

Colleen Derr, president of Eastern Nazarene College